Friday, April 22, 2016

Food Truck Menu

Description: For the size of the menu it was 8.5 in by 11in. For the background I made 2 layers one for the main gray background and the one for the squares. To make the squares I used the rectangle tool and choose different shades of a dark red and placed them randomly. I copied and pasted chuck wagon and the circular lines from the truck design I made. I reflected the circular lines by right clicking on the object and going down to to transform. To make the line under menu I used the pen tool made an anchor point hold down shift and made another anchor point.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Lesson 1

Episode 6

Description: Since illustrator didn't load the picture being used for the second artboard I took a screenshot of the video and pasted it into illustrator. I learned how to change the color mode by going up to file and go down to document color mode and by that selecting CMYK Color or RGB Color. To view or change a color's options you can select a color if in the artboard then on the tool panel go down to the color (can also be done in swatches or maybe others) and double click the color and the options will show up. To get PANTONE go to the swatches panel go to the top right and click on the little menu button then go down to open swatch library then go to color books where their would be many PANTONE selections but the one used in the video was PANTONE+solid coated. If you know the number of the PANTONE you can search it up on the panel and put in the number. To source colors from images simply select the object/shape and on the tools panel select the eyedropper tool and then go to the picture and click on the color you want and it will show on the object/shape and it will also be selected on the tools menu.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Episode 5

Description: I learned how to align the stoke of and outline to the center, outside or inside of an object by selecting the shape with the direct selection tool and go to the stroke panel which would have a place that says align stroke were there would be options to align the strokes center, inside, and outside (boxes with the corner icons). To change the corner of an object/shape, go to stoke panel, find the corner option, then choose miter join, or round join, bevel join (which are the boxes with icons next to were it says corner). To use the dash feature that adds dash effects which can be customize simply select the object/shape, go to the stroke panel and see if the dash option is checked, the size of the dashes can be change by changing the number were the first dash blank is at (bottom of were the dashes are check). To make dashes that are dots go to the cap selection under the stroke panel and choose the rounded cap (second box). To make the dashes corner ends select the object/shape, then were the boxes that have the square shape with dash lines icon choose the second box or if you dont want it to be corners choose the first box.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Episode 4

Description: I learned how to scale and object by using the scale tool and clicking and dragging anywhere to alter size and shape of object. While using the scale and press and hold while pressing and holding shift on the keyboard to retain the scale of the object. To rotate the object use the rotate tool by clicking and moving the mouse curser in a general direction shape will go in.  To get the shape be a 90 degree angle use the rotate tool while holding down shift and drag. Object must be selected while doing all this by selecting it with the selection tool.